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311 South Columbia Center Blvd
Kennewick, Wa. 99336

Welcome to the Tri-Cities Flower Farm located in Kennewick.

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Spring in Tri-Cities

Yes, we know that recent great weather is tempting you to get your tomatoes planted,but remember that we will probably still get some frost in the next few weeks.
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Spring Planters

Now that the weather has settled a bit, it's time to make things look pretty outside.
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When to plant tomatoes and peppers

Is it safe to put out frost sensitive plants like peppers and tomatoes? If you are eager to get it done, you can take advantage of the nice warm daytime temperatures, and keep plants from getting damaged by the cold with a little foresight. First, watch the weather forecasts, and pay attention to the next 3 or 4 days. If temps near freezing are predicted, cover your plants in the evening around 5p.m. You can use lightweight cloth, black plastic, cardboard boxes, etc. Try to arrange the cover so that the plants are not actually in contact with the material. Bamboo stakes work well to poke around the plants to support your covering material. Weight down the edges so the cover doesn't blow off, and remember to remove covers in the morning. You can also purchase the "Wall 'O Water", which is designed to surround sensitive plants. It can be left on for several weeks, until night temps warm up.
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